Friday, 13 December 2013

Welcome to Loud Rap Beats
Welcome to Loud Rap Beats
Welcome to Loud Rap Beats

Why Buy Our Beats?

Our unique beats will give you originality.
Most people imitate others.You should be original, and whatever you do, do well. Our Artist's trust our production. Some are being heard on major and Independent radio station's across the globe.

How Will I Benefit From Buying Your Beats?

Loud Rap Beats has lend it’s hands to thousand's artist's and record company's around the world. These various artist's and company's have found our rap beats to be the solution and source for affordable beats. This is because of the quality and knowledge we possess in delivering some of the most unique and original range of material.

What Is Your Mission?

Our mission here at Loud Rap Beats is to provide you with the hottest sounds in hip hop today. We take pride in being able to offer quality sounds at an affordable price.

Who Is The Producer?

Producer Jamel was Born in Detroit MI. raised in Los Angeles CA. Jamel got his degree as a graduate from M.I.T. (Musician’s Institute of Technology) Hollywood CA. The beats you are getting are industry quality so that A&R executive's and record label's will take you seriously.

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